Flame Resistant (FR) Waterproof Outerwear

flamegardDedication to research and development has positioned Ranpro as a market leader in Flame Resistant (FR) Waterproof Outerwear.

When your job requires you to wear hazard specific clothing to protect you from various risk levels, you also require hazard specific Flame Resistant FLAME-GARD® Waterproof Outerwear to complete your protective garment system.

It is important to recognize the risk exposure and outfit yourself with an appropriate Flame Resistant FLAME-GARD® Waterproof Outerwear. What level of protection do you need?


SERIES 300 Series 300 garments provide the ultimate blend of comfort, flexibility and serious protection. These garments meet CSA and ASTM standards for protection from Hydrocarbon flash fires, Arc flash fires and open flames.... View Products.


SERIES 200 Waterproof Outerwear in this category is recommended for hazard areas that require both Series 100 protection from open flame and additional protection for exposure to electrical fault accidents. These garments comply with the ASTM F1891 standard “Arc and Flame Resistant Rainwear”.... View Products.


SERIES 100 These FLAME-GARD® garments are recommended for use in areas where you may be exposed to an open flame. They are tested to industry standards for “Flame Resistance” and when exposed to a vertical flame will self extinguish in less than 2 seconds when the source of flame is removed.... View Products.